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The Dragon PRE-SALE

The Dragon PRE-SALE

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 The Dragon was the first roller coaster model released by Coasterdynamix. This ambitious kit changed the way people viewed the miniaturization of roller coaster models. From the B&M style inverted trains with 48 metal wheels to the large, flowing 6’x2’ layout, the Dragon is truly the ultimate roller coaster model. 
    The Dragon was discontinued after its initial release in favor of the more practical and economical Scorpion. To this day, collectors and enthusiasts all over the world scour the internet in search of this exclusive kit. 
    Coasterdynamix is excited to announce the limited re-release of the Dragon kit. We are offering a pre-sale opportunity for everyone who has longed to own this amazing roller coaster model.
As a special offer, if you order more than 1 kit, you will receive 10% off the entire purchase!
1- Pre-sale price is $500.
2- Multiple kits ordered receive a 10% discount 
3- Free shipping on orders within Continental USA 
4- European and U.K. orders will be fulfilled from our distributor in the Netherlands. Shipping charges are $35
5- Other countries can email for shipping rates. 
6- Initial production will be limited to 100 kits unless demand exceeds this amount. 
7- Design and production will begin as soon as we receive orders for 50 kits. If we do not get pre-orders for 50 kits by December 31st, 2019, we will cancel production and refund everyone’s money.
8- Delivery is anticipated in spring of 2020. This will depend on how soon we get to 50 pre-orders and can begin production. 
9- The new kits will have the segmented lift pieces rather than the single 4’ lift extrusion of the original. We are also planning other improvements to the kit, but none will compromise what made the Dragon so unique. 
10- We will update the progress of kit production and showcase any exciting changes we make on the Coasterdynamix Facebook and Instagram accounts.